Growing up playing punk rock music, I always gravitated toward songs with strong lyrics and attitude. I played guitar in the punk rock band, Misled Citizen, based out of San Diego during my late teens and spent those years traveling up and down California playing as many shows as possible. The band eventually dissolved and I found myself sitting in my apartment with no band and no place to play my electric guitar loud enough to enjoy it. 

I began picking up my acoustic guitar in the living room and hammering a few chords I thought sounded good together. I had never really sung before, I had only played guitar in Misled Citizen and sang a few back up vocals here and there. However, I was determined, so I sat down in my apartment everyday working on songs and improving my guitar playing and singing.

After a few months of practicing, I had written a few songs. These songs were different because there were no other instruments but guitar and vocals. This new stripped down style was foreign to me and inspired new topics to write about. I began going back in time with musical styles, which landed me on the blues. From the first moment I heard a blues record I was hooked. It was an old delta blues record with just one man, guitar and voice. I heard the growl of aggravation that I had not heard in any genre other than punk rock. But this music had only acoustic instruments.

I began immersing myself in blues music, learning bottleneck slide guitar and blues riffs from the likes of Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Willie Johnson, Son House, Robert Johnson and many others. I dug their attitude and heard some of the heaviest songs in my life from those artists.  I wanted to capture the emotion from their blues songs without the traditional blues pattern, a way of playing blues without playing blues.

Here I present: 

Jefferson Washington                                                                                                                                  

A project dedicated to channeling my deep connection with blues, folk and punk rock music in a stripped down fashion that reflects my personal dealings with life. The Introducing... E.P. showcases that music with themes of love, loss, travel, and mysticism through a dark complexion of foot stompin’ story tellin’.

I truly hope you enjoy this record!